Southwest Crusade

2018 is upon us, and we are happy to announce that we have a busy year ahead of us. We already have several tours in the works with some of them taking us to places we have never played before. Our first tour of the year will take us on our Southwest Crusade and out to the west coast while the weather is cold. It will be our first time in California in 15 years, and we are very excited to get back and play. For those who on the east coast wondering when we’re coming… Don’t worry; we haven’t forgotten you. We will be coming your way soon.

We’d like to thank all of you who purchased Stella Sapiente and hope you enjoy it. See you soon.


Lillingtons, Southwest Crusade Tour

Lillingtons sign to FAT

Via Fat Wreck Chords:

At last…The Lillingtons are officially a FAT band! Although they should need no introduction, the fact is that after a decade with no new music, nor real touring, an entire generation of punk rockers might not know about The Lillingtons. Well, we aim to fix that. The Lillingtons are a punk rock band from Wyoming, with four full-lengths under their belt, spinning tales of cold war spies, Russian attacks, alien invaders, conspiracies, and Neil Armstrong banana-theft. Ever since Death By Television, their breakthrough 1999 album of front-to-back perfection — a true modern classic — we’ve pined after them and befriended them, but never actually obtained that rare gem: a Lillingtons album of our own. Now, over a decade after their last incredible studio album, The Too Late Show, The Lillingtons are back!

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